Afifi Trading Company (“ATC”) was first founded in 1996 by Dr. Ahmed Afifi in Cairo, Egypt .
The company specializes in the sales, marketing and distribution of imported sports equipment and accessories, together with entertainment products such as gametables .
ATC was first established with the aim of introducing home-use sports equipment, in an attempt to make it easier for consumers to lead a healthy life, with sports being an essential part of their every day life that could be practiced at the convenience of their homes .
Afifi Trading Company was the pioneer in establishing this concept in the Egyptian market in the 1990s, when people’s familiarity with sports was practicing it at a gym or in sporting clubs .
ATC has grown over the past 20 years to become the exclusive agent of well renowned brands in the sports industry such as Body Sculpture, Strength Master, Solex and Azuni .
The company is committed to provide its customers with the most reliable products of the highest quality, along with the best after sales service .
The company invests in people, believes in value, and has a heart for innovation .